15 September 2013



The idea of a Scandinavian Vacagabond came by a few sources of inspiration:

  1. MY ANCESTORS migrated from Norway + Sweden, allowing to always feel connected to the place of Vikings, Landscape, and Nordic Mists. I did extensive resarch in the 7th grade and found that many of my relatives also feel this connection. This led me to #2
  2. SCANDINAVIAN ARCHITECTURE was the name of a course in my master's program which I learned about how this place can be relative to my chosen profession. This led me to the discovery of #3
  3. A TRAVELING FELLOWSHIP was offered by the University of Utah as a sketching fellowship to learn and tour an area of interest. My failure to have ONE fluent concept (oh, decisions) did not land me this opportunity, HOWEVER this leads to reason #4
  4. PHILIP GEORGE, my husband, had started a fund for us to fulfill this dream of traveling to the motherland, which made this trip somewhat financially viable.
We battled everyone we encountered with their American ideals of maximum two week vacation, and raised them a third week. This, not being quite enough time to have experiential sublime at each place, would still allow us time to see four of the Nordic nations and their natural and manmade built environments. We settled on 19 July through 10 August as the trip of our lifetime. As you will see in the following posts, I'm not sure we will get another more opulent.

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